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Inanna - Contagious (Official Music Video)
Inanna - Change (official music video)
Inanna - Invisible City (official music video)
Inanna - Nefertiti XXI (Official Music Video)
Songs For The Future Of Nature - an interview with Inanna
Are We Vampires? - Inanna (Official Video)
Digital 21 + Stefan Olsdal feat. Inanna - Multiverse
A History of The Future - Inanna (Official Video)

INANNA is an ARTivist, singer, songwriter, producer, environmentalist and animal rights advocate based in Los Angeles.

Her music is entirely dedicated to planet Earth and all its landscapes and life-forms, through mesmerizing future-oriented ethno-alternative pieces. Inanna's music is a movement, an alliance, where interactions between humans, technology, animals and Nature are witnessed and given a voice.

Inanna sings for the future of Nature in the age of the Anthropocene with a unique, genre-bending sound, mixing ancient and contemporary rhythms with mesmerizing electronic atmospheres and subtle Middle-Eastern influences.

Her music is a contemporary cathartic spell of an enchantress, of a cyber-priestess standing between Nature and Culture, light and dark, old and new, feminine and masculine. Her mission is to deliver, through enchanting soundscapes and an innovative mixture of sounds, a message of reverence for the Earth and all Earthlings.  

Inanna is also co-founder of Better Earth Media, a women-led non-profit organization dedicated to amplifying voices who are speaking up for the future of the planet, and Head of Development of Better Earth Productions, an LA-based production company that uses the power of contemporary media to engage audiences and ignite a passion for climate stories, environmental conservation, and animal rights.




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